I am a certified and experienced Personal, Business and Relationships Coach.  I do telephone coaching with clients around the country, and I also enjoy working together in person when possible. I have coached professionally since 1996.  All that I have learned from my clients, combined with my training, and my own journey of healing and personal and professional growth, have come together to inform my philosophy and practice of coaching.  It is my hope that you will find something in these pages that speaks to you personally, of possibility, and of peace.

There is a river of energy within you that flows naturally toward your heart’s true desires, your effortless accomplishment, your peace of mind. In my coaching, I create a space of illumination and reflection that facilitates your learning to recognize,  trust, and step into that deep inner stream of wisdom and guidance.  My clients say that I am loving, intuitive, and wise. I say that I am a fiercely devoted strategic partner who empowers my client to listen to and act from their authentic Self.

Your Own Personal Trainer

The coaching relationship is totally focused on the client’s agenda.  It’s like having your own personal trainer for whatever you want to work on in your life. I will help you find your way, stay the course, and champion, challenge, and support you every step of the way. My clients are working on many different things. Some have very specific goals such as, finding a new job or career, finding a partner, repairing a relationship, writing a book, becoming more healthy.  Others come for personal or spiritual growth, to discover a sense of meaning, balance and peace, and/or to get un-stuck somewhere in their lives or their relationships. Still others are facing a difficult transition, or a profound loss in their life, or any other intractable issue.

My commitment is to join powerfully with you on your journey to full self-expression and the realization of your goals. You will gain many new tools for living, un-dam your creative energy and enthusiasm, and go into action, step by step, toward your hopes and dreams. You will identify inner saboteurs, limiting beliefs and negative self talk and gently forgive and release them. You will become more personally empowered in the process. Many clients tell me that our coaching sessions (on the phone or in person) are the only time they ever take to focus just on themselves.  The decision to give yourself the gift of a coach is a powerful commitment to yourself and to your own life.   I always tell my new clients to expect that changes will start to happen from the moment we make our first appointment.  The forces of the universe move quickly to support our intentions.

A Steadfast Mirror and Ally

I love my clients and the work I do. The pursuits of personal, spiritual and professional growth are the great adventures of my life.  I have a gift for seeing and mirroring other’s highest self.  I am able to help you see through your circumstances and conditions to the celebration of what really motivates you, and will effortlessly lead to the creation of what you truly value and love. As you gain momentum and confidence in the process you will find peace in the present, and satisfaction and joy in the moment-by-moment unfolding of your life. This is my wish for you.

Welcome to my website and my blog.  If you would like more information,  please contact me and we’ll talk or meet person if possible.  It is my honor and privilege to join with you in your discovery of the power of coaching. I hope that you will call for a Complimentary Sample Coaching Session, which is the best way to get a good sense of how coaching works.  Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to meeting with you.

In service,