Telephone Coaching

Following our Complimentary Telephone Coaching Session, we begin our coaching alliance with a two-hour foundational session (please see Life Coaching for a description), in person if proximity permits, or in two one-hour telephone sessions. Then we schedule our weekly calls for the coming month. Many clients like three 40 minute sessions per month, some prefer to meet for an hour. Telephone coaching sessions with couples are a minimum of one hour. With enough notice, I am very flexible. I want to make our coaching time together work for you.

When I first started my training at The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California, I was skeptical about how effective it could be to coach clients over the phone. I had experienced many years of various therapies, all of them face-to-face. However, I was open to the idea of telephone coaching because I had learned about coaching from an acquaintance in Oakland, who was doing the Coaches Training. As one of his homework assignment, he asked if he could do a half-hour practice coaching call with me.

Even though my friend was new at applying the tools of coaching, I was surprised and amazed by the results. His inquiries and reflections helped me see that I was avoiding and resisting the imminent death of my beloved pet. I was afraid of the loss and the grief. I couldn’t face it. He helped me look at other perspectives available to me, and I saw that I could choose to be 100% present to my faithful friend, Domino, at the end of his life. As a result of doing so, I learned the important principle that I can face it, whatever it is. It is the avoidance of reality that is excruciating and terrifying, not the reality itself. All this in a half- hour practice telephone coaching session!

Advantages of Telecoaching

As I went through the training myself, practiced and began to coach clients of my own, I quickly gained confidence in the effectiveness of telephone coaching. In fact, I have found over time that it often takes an hour in-person to accomplish what can be done in a half-hour or 40 minutes on the phone. I will give you a Call Preparation Form that my clients complete for themselves before the call, and we hit the ground running, so to speak. So to speak, it is streamlined and convenient; there’s no travel, and all you need is a telephone and your coaching notebook.

There are two more interesting and valuable by-products of telephone coaching. I am a highly intuitive person which has proven to be of service to my clients. I find that in the absence of visual distraction, my intuition goes into overdrive and a great deal comes through to me that I can, with your permission, share with you. Also, many clients have told me that there’s a certain safety that they feel being on the other end of the line vs. the other side of the coffee table. It is easier for them to reveal and work with things that might feel more difficult in person.

When possible, I will travel to periodically meet in person with my telephone coaching clients, and I travel to various locales around the country to do so. I also welcome having clients come to meet with me.