Sample Session

Your Complimentary Sample Coaching Session is 45 minutes long, and is usually on the telephone. This opportunity will give you a good sense of how coaching works, how I work, and how we work together.   I suggest that you think about what you would like to bring to this call for us to look into together.  If nothing comes readily to mind, I will help you identify something in the first few minutes of the session and we’ll zero-in on your ideal outcome for the call.  Action and accountability are an important part of coaching, and, if you agree, you will leave this call with a commitment to take some action, or try a new practice, that we have designed together to move your toward your desired outcome.  I will ask you to report back on how it went, what you learned and what will be your next step.  Our Sample Session is completely confidential, as is everything in the coaching relationship.

Please call me at (510) 717-5823, or email, to make an appointment for a complimentary session. You may also submit a Life Coaching Questionnaire if you’d like.  I look forward to meeting you.