Do What You Love…

Forbidden Fruit

What delights and inspires you?  What coaxes out and nurtures your inner life?  What activities fire-up your enthusiasm and self-expression?  What within you is struggling to be born?  Often, what our soul’s thirst for the most, becomes the “forbidden fruit” in our lives.  This is especially true for women because we usually have the needs and well being of others entrusted to our care, and our own private passions are relegated to stolen moments, there to wither on the vine of life’s demands.

Many clients come to coaching to recover an almost forgotten sense of purpose and vitality in their lives.  They are often surprised to find that what seems forgotten, those personal and deep sources that thrill and inspire, flame up brightly under the slightest breath of attention.  What did you most love doing as a child?  What would you begin tomorrow if only you had time or money for it?  What is it costing you in your life to not do it?  Where does the river of energy that is your creativity flow?  What is its source?  What’s one small step you will take to honor this divine urge within you? Who will support you in doing so?

Create Your Life

Imagine that you are an artist (you are!), and you are standing before an easel upon which is a blank canvas enclosed within a beautiful frame.  Perhaps your frame is gilded and ornate, or streamlined chrome, or simple polished wood.  Your particular canvas may be for watercolor, or oil, or chalk, or another medium all together — a musical instrument, a journal or word processor, a loom, a quilt, a story, a song.  Imagine that within the structure of this frame (or blank pages, or musical score, or pattern) you can begin expressing your unique creativity.  You can create your work of art, whatever it may be.  The expression of your creativity, purely for the joy of it, will transfer naturally to the  work of art that is your life, fully realized and expressed.

The framework for the expression of your creativity is two-fold: one, committed time and attention that honors the expression of what is within you, and, two, support from others in a safe and nurturing environment. Given just about any amount of committed time and attention, those wilting buds of our soul’s longing will bloom into acts of inspired creation.  Support is key, for it is a wild ride through the land of many tentacles of competing priorities, and beliefs about what’s acceptable or important.  It is well worth the trip, though, for it is in the process itself that we tap into the link between our creativity and spirituality, our life’s purpose, and our personal empowerment to be active agents in the creation of a well-balanced, fully expressed life.   In her book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Cameron says that “creativity flourishes in a place of safety and acceptance”, and that “we are meant to midwife dreams for one another.”

The Beauty We Love

Many rewards – self knowledge, confidence, spiritual connection, and creative play in like-minded community – await all those who will take the  concrete steps to claim and create what they love.  As the great 12th century poet, Rumi, said, “Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

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