Business Coaching

As your Executive Coach, I am your confidant and strategist, the person outside of work that you can always count on to give you sharply trained listening, penetrating curiosity and inquiry, and honest feedback.  You will benefit from my intelligence and intuition, my political and cultural acumen, and my communication, inter-personal and conflict resolution skills.

Prior to becoming a Professional Coach, I had 20+ years experience as a manager in higher education. My positions usually involved becoming second in command and coach to the person at the top –  a role that uses my best skills and that I enjoy immensely.  I have coached numerous executives and managers, helping them to clarify their management and leadership style, showcase their unique talents, build upon their strengths, and design and implement changes that meet their challenges and create sustainable success.  My clients learn to identify and examine the values and belief systems that they bring to the workplace, to demonstrate flexibility and resilience in fast-paced, changing environments, and to be open to spontaneous and creative thinking and inspired solutions.

In addition to my career in the non-profit sector, I have owned and operated three small businesses.  I have a strong background in the study of human consciousness and personal development.  I am experienced in theoretical physicist, David Bohm’s Dialogue Process, a creative form of group communication that challenges traditional thought processes and beliefs, and in The UNtraining, a provocative approach to diversity training.  My corporate coaching clients include middle and senior management at Pfizer, Inc.,  Microsoft, Inc., Cushman Wakefield, Inc.,  DBMarketing Technologies, Inc., THQ, Inc., The Foundation for California Community Colleges, Inc. and PolicyLink, Inc.