Life Coaching

Initial Intake Session

We begin the Life Coaching process with a foundational session that lasts two hours if we can meet in person – or two one-hour telephone calls.  I will ask you to have a notebook available that you will use exclusively for coaching (your notes, homework, resources, etc.).  It will become your own toolbox of new practices and skills that you will incorporate into your life and refer back to in the future.

In this first session we look together at the broad sweep of your life. I have many tools to help us look at your current level of satisfaction in the most important areas of your life. We will also look at the balance between these areas, and how to reconcile your deep personal desires with your commitments to family, work, friends and community. Using memory and visualization we will identify your primary values (the ones that must be honored in order for you to have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment), and what you are longing for – your hopes and dreams for the future.  You may already know where you would like to focus, or we will  identify where you might be experiencing difficulty in moving forward, and some areas where our coaching alliance will best serve you.Wherever we begin, coaching always ends up touching upon and empowering your whole life because ultimately, our lives are a living system, and everything affects everything else.

Designing Our Coaching Alliance

Throughout this initial meeting I will be giving you information and answering your questions about what coaching is and how it works, and we will be designing how we can best work together to accomplish your goals. We will set up our next appointments, either for phone calls or in person, depending on your preference and proximity.  As with all of our coaching sessions, you will leave with concrete and practical steps to take you further on your new adventure.

Getting Into Action

You now have a supportive and compassionate ally, as well as a powerful, strategic partner, someone who is absolutely committed to your success – Me!.  Each week we will meet (on the telephone or in person) and look back at the past week and forward to the next. We will talk about what you accomplished and learned from taking steps and we will design what’s next.  Weekly accountability for manageable next steps is a powerful antidote for overwhelm, stuckness and fear.  The purpose of every coaching session is to deepen your learning and forward your agenda.  Gradually your vision of what you want will become more real and tangible, your passion and energy will become engaged, your saboteurs (both inner and outer) will be relegated to “false evidence appearing real” (i.e., “fear”).

Cumulative Rewards

As you gain momentum and confidence, you will find yourself living more in the present moment, experiencing more energy and motivation, and enthusiastically engaged in the creation of your own life.  As your coach, I will be there every step of the way to champion, support and challenge you;  to hold you accountable; and to celebrate your successes as your unique path unfolds before you.

Please call (510) 717-5823 for a Complimentary Sample Coaching Session and you can also review and/or submit a Life Coaching Questionnaire.  Thanks!   I look forward to talking with you.