Relationship Coaching

With a Relationship Coach, your relationship has a powerful ally and a strong container within which it can transform and grow.  If you are creating a new relationship, I will coach you in designing a detailed and compelling vision for your relationship; one that honors you as individuals, and  uniquely suits your values and your lifestyle together (see Authentic Relationships post). In our on-going work, we will create, execute and support new practices and steps to bring your vision to life.

If you are experiencing conflict or disappointment in any of your relationships (with your partner, family member, friend, boss, co-worker, or in your team or work group), I will help you clarify the issues between you, and to acknowlege one another with mutual respect.  We will look at limiting beliefs and habits of relating, and we will work together to create, or re-create, a shared vision for your relationship in which everyone’s needs and requests are honored.  Then we will design manageable new behaviors for you to practice each week that will grow your new vision and rekindle and release the energy of your original good will and commitment.

The Greatest Work of a Lifetime

Every relationship is a gift, an opportunity for healing and growth, and, as in all great adventures, most intimate relationships also have their challenges and disappointments.  Learning to manage issues of trust and vulnerability, accepting both self and other, being separate yet inter-dependent individuals, and keeping an open heart through all of it, is the greatest work of a lifetime, and involves skills not often brought to conscious awareness.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to create more fulfillment, ease and joy in your relationships and your life.