The Doorway to Peace

Ego mistakenly flies in through an open window,

and frantically crashes into walls and glass.

Peace sits calmly on a rafter, fluffed and cooing,

curiously observing this new place.

Her peace knows no conditions.

When the barn door opens Peace takes flight,

while Ego lies on the floor, dazed and exhausted.

The key to the doorway of Peace is acceptance of what is, right here, right now.  It is a portal through which we return to our true Self, a part of something much greater than our circumstances or conditions.  Peace, like Love, is just “there;” the field of Rumi’s poem, the ocean of which we are a drop.  We do not find peace, or create it.  We simply become present to it, there the whole time, a poem, a birdsong, a breath.



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